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Genuine job consultants in Chandigarh

 Job consultants in Chandigarh


T&A HR Solutions is a leading name in job Placement consultants in Chandigarh, India. We as a recruitment specialist offer end-to-end manpower solutions to every sphere of the corporate. Be it an MNC, IT or startup, we have a solution for all.

We believe in quality work and hence look for the best relevant talent to match up with our client’s requirement. Our experienced and dedicated team is our valued assets who look for detailed insights into the required job profile and thus find the best candidates to fit in. Our client’s valuable time and a requirement are of utmost priority to us and hence we look into building a lasting relationship with our valued associates.

We are also the leading manufacturing job consultant in Chandigarh and hold a vision to dispel the gap between corporate and candidates and offering reliable services to the industries within the stipulated time span and the best talent.


FMCG is the abbreviation for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, also called as Consumer Packaged Goods. With the rise in the Indian middle class and the rise in the spending budgets, FMCG is one of the fastest growing sectors, with people spending more and more on, groceries, food, and other perishable items. This has increased the demand for more jobs and job opportunities for individuals to work in the industry of FMCG. The low-cost high sell rate makes this the fastest moving sector.

The people working in this sector have to work fast, making processes faster and more efficient than ever before. With an average growth of 11 % for the previous year and even larger growth this year, there are many factors like better awareness, easier access and changing lifestyles that influence this growth. The relaxation of licensing rules by the government, the number of FDIs, has made sure that this growth will continue to increase in the years to come. Listed below are a few major points to know about the industry that should be basic knowledge.

Top Companies

There is an increasing number of brands cropping up in the market on par with the fast-rising demand for FMCG goods, but the top players in the market are still ITC, P &G, Nestle, Pepsico, Godrej to name a few. All these industries have their own concepts and target audiences, and strategies to woo customers. Product packaging, pricing, USPs, and promotions are a few ways that they attract consumers. They also require a massive amount of human resources, which make them hire a job consultant. The best job consultants in Chandigarh usually have a partnership with mentioned above companies to recruit the best candidates for the various job profiles that are available.

Job Profiles

Due to the vastness of the areas that can be specialized in FMCG, there are different requirements for different companies and different job profile. This has made it essential to create a job profile description that accurately describes what the job entails. T & A HR Solutions helps the companies as recruiters to help decide job specifications in such a way that it maximizes the available candidate pool for a job while minimizing the risk for getting a poor choice of candidates for the job specified.

Campus Recruitments

Due to the huge demand for jobs in FMCG, there has been a rise in the number of institutions that offer courses that teach students the basics of handling a job in FMCG. Some institutes offer specialized training while others offer a more generalized approach. The best Textile job consultants with the type of courses that are taught in various institutions and are often able to help companies with their recruitment process. The grip on the concepts of the field is immensely good, which bring assurance in companies to be supplied with the right chain of candidates. They also have the ability to get candidates in touch with companies to provide them with internships.

For many years now the economy of India has had a steady rise in growth, both in economic status as well as in its growth in terms of manufacturing, exports, and imports, etc. With the introduction of reforms like removing restrictions on foreign investment, the growth has further expanded, with the recession hardly touching the Indian industrial scene. The Industrial job consultants in Chandigarh have taken notice of the opportunities in manufacturing and started building their database maps for those interested in entering the field of manufacturing as well as those already experienced in this sector.

There has been constant improvement and development in the field of Manufacturing, with India constantly adapting, learning and adapting new technologies in manufacturing and branching out as independent companies making their own brands and a name for themselves as a brand. This rise in manufacturing has lead to a boom in the requirement of personnel for jobs in the field of manufacturing. The fields are spread across all industries, from FMCG to garments and electronics. Furniture, software, etc., the liberalization that the Indian economy has gone through when it comes to manufacturing has increased the success these industries have with innovation in R & D and this has helped Indian industries remain competitive and gain the advantage over the foreign brands by leaps and bounds. Here are a few areas where there is a requirement for personnel.

Skilled and semi-skilled workers

The increase in the production of goods as well as the export of these goods has to lead to an increase in demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers. This is not a hindrance here in India due to the fact that the pool of skilled and semi-skilled workers is the largest available pool in the world. Today more and more institutions make available the necessary training required for such manufacturing requirement at modest pricing and sometimes the training is freely available, to allow a person to earn better income through such facilities. Companies like T & A HR Solutions often have contacts in many training institutes and help companies to recruit the skilled workers required for jobs. The manufacturing job consultants in Chandigarh help the prospective employees get good benefits on the job and they help the company get the best possible workers that suit their needs.

Global Economic Integration

With the increasing connectivity and widespread knowledge of the world practices, India is going through an overhaul in its infrastructural integration. The service sector of India has grown at such a rate that it can account for half of the increase in GDP currently. This rapid growth has occurred because a pure knowledge-based economy is not being able to be sustained.

A practical approach that is hands-on about the operations of the manufacturing is what currently being taught to the individuals aspiring to work in the manufacturing sector in any field. The Placement consultants in Chandigarh understand the importance of this integration and aim to educate the job seekers and the recruiting companies on the advantages of such approaches and help mediate the right salary structure to suit both parties.

Manufacturing Capacity Growth

Manufacturing job consultants in Chandigarh has emerged as one of the biggest sectors to grow today. India is expected to be the 5th largest manufacturing destination in the coming years with the potential to contribute 20-30% of India’s GDP. This increased potential has become even more prominent with the “Make in India” movement that is being promoted now. T & A HR Solutions, offering their contribution to the movement, by giving the right talent to the industry.

The human resources are pillars of the organization and pillars can be long-lasting when they get boosted with the right stuffing and at the right position. The pinpoint is to get and place a deserving human resource at the suited designation. Acknowledging the essentials of human resource, and leaving no stone unturned, the job consultant has a great role in recruiting the resource for the organization.

Choosing the right choice or improving the candidates by updating the client’s business is the toughest duty for which consultants are hired. Consultants generally think the exact choice, analyze the problems, brainstorm to resolve, challenge the good organizations to make even better by introducing innovative ideas. Best IT consultants are able to step into any hypothetical, sometimes challenging situations and have assumption what changes require to make. T & A HR Solutions is dealt with their own unique ideas and an intention to have a positive effect on clients. IT job consultants in Chandigarh helps a client to reach the information and guide them to drives to practical and lasting way to resolve a problem.

T & A HR Solutions Consultants in Chandigarh works on all sectors of Information Technology (IT) including Enterprise Applications, Data Centers, Servers, Infrastructure Management, Software Architecture, Project Management, Business Analysts, Web Development, Design & User Interface (UI), Full Stack Developers requirements for technologies in Java,Net, C#, C++, PhP, Python, Perl, Angular.Js, Node.Js, React.Js including all Frameworks & Content Management Systems (CMS), Linux, Windows, IOS, Android & Unix with databases like SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Oracle or SQL Lite.

  • Role of the creator

The job consultants in Chandigarh are responsible to meet the deserving candidate to the suited designation. To achieve their aim, they can practice interviewing different other processes. T & A HR Solutions can develop the personality through discussion of some of the effective ideas. Basically, consultants are playing the role of creator to give a new shape to the organizations. There are often certain soft skills that are required by the companies apart from the technical knowledge and intellect. These skills can be offered as a part of the recruitment package.

  • Efficiency of consultants

Recruitment Consultants are efficient in their work that has been scattered far wide or beyond the Human Resources Departments if the Firms. The consultants cater the excellent service with the experienced recruiters and expert employment specialists at a reasonable cost. The teams of consultancies generally have profound job knowledge, a good sense of employment requirements and recruitment practices. They are able to handle all kind of placement of employees constantly in different firms in the most effective manner. Thus, they always have updated information about the market and new trends.

  • IT job consultants as an Adviser

 job consultants in Chandigarh are dynamic at their work. They professionally handle IT Companies that are providing entire outsourcing of human resource and recruitment, payroll and keep advising in the matter of Industrial Relations. It helps the IT companies to concentrate on the entire processes by managing all the required matter in a proficient manner. They offer some witty solutions that provide the dignitary clients to operate the most valuable capital which is intellectual and that may not be easily available anywhere. Here T & A HR Solutions play an exotic role on behalf of IT companies. The team of these consultants is professionally qualified. They have experience in the industrial domain to provide services at any time in different IT companies not only in India but abroad also.

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