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Mumbai is known as, economic city of India. It has importance in the sector of commercial,industrial, and financial stream of India. With all these facts, the city is generating multiple job opportunity. If you find yourself stuck at a place in your career? Nothing is working and you need a push? Well, you are at the right place in such a laborious time of your course. You have opportunities in Mumbai, now you only need to find them and crack them. To make your job easy, we can act as vital link between you and your progress. It feels like you have been searching such assistance for what seems like a long time. Keep your worries aside; you are now in the righteous hands. We are a team of professionals as your own personal job-guide. Our men aim to be the guiding spirit of the country’s Human Resource into positive ventures. We have a way to your development and evolution.


T&A HR solutions is one the best placement consultant bureaus with expansion to the major cities of the country. Our fields of expertise are Engineering, I.T, Marketing, Real Estate,Textiles and many more. As a bridge between you and your company, we maintain our edge of credibility everywhere.


  • As your Recruitment Consultant, we trace back your every step from the dawn of your education to the initiation of your career. This builds a relationship based on trust. Moreover, this adds a sense of responsibility we owe to our clients.
  • Establishing a better understanding of the industry, our client and the job-seeker sets up a friendly environment of mutual cultures and ideas.
  • We are focused towards alluring the best companies (no matter small or large) to provide satisfying jobs to the seekers.
  • T&A’s team of experts takes up every possible platform to advertise the vacancies available. This helps us reach a wide range of job aspirants for a particular sphere.
  • We tend to maintain an enormous dimension of the database. It covers each desirable element of job vacancies. This type of settlement furthermore enhances the effectiveness in finding the right candidate for a type of job.
  • We are open to ‘talent search’ for the recruiters. This helps us in treasuring the best candidates in terms of quality and consistency.


  • We believe in work transparency and clear-cut solutions. Our team is ready to help you through your career and job profile.
  • We maintain our companionship with the companies and recruiters.
  • Training related to the job interview and personality development can be considered as a part of our work. These types of preparations teach you to deal and conquer the hardest situations in your job search.
  • We serve you the best in terms of answers to your queries and confusions related to your career.
  • Most importantly, we understand you and your requirements.


  • Our team is an ‘eager-beaver’ – always ready to fly high up in the sky.
  • Our goal-oriented team possesses exceptional communication skills. which make it easier for the negotiators to share interests.
  • Also, our organizational skills keep us ahead of time, producing the best results possible.
  • Finally, with all the hard work and dedication, we emerge as the best team of HR consultants you would ever find.

Thank you for the interest shown in our company.
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