Placement Consultants and Soft skills: How and Why Important?

At one point or another, we all have come across this term “soft skills”. This phrase is used to describe skills or characteristics which are useful or important and enables us to interact or get along well with other people or situations. You can also call these as “social skills” because of its impact or connection with the social whole.  Some examples will serve the purpose- communication skills, motivational skills, decision-making skills, teamwork, leadership skills, creativity, time management skills, the list can go on. You can have an exhaustible list of skills when bundled up together gives you a clear picture of soft skills that are always looked for and loved.

One doesn’t care much about soft skills unless it becomes a matter related to getting and keeping a job. I believe if you are one working or looking for a job has already experienced it. Now why these soft skills are important when we already earned our degrees years back?

How Important are Soft skills and Why?

If you could relate to the examples above, by now you must have got an idea of its importance. When we talk about any job irrespective of the industry, one thing that matters is the technicality of the job. It puts you along with how well you know your job and how good you can perform. Now apart from this, your job also demands certain other qualities which you must have or need to grow with time. These skills are basically your ability to get along well with others at a job, taking a decision, being good as a team, motivating yourself and your team and these qualities make you look and sound good literally, are your soft skills. These are equally important in your work life which holds ladders of your success.


Soft Skills in Placement Consultant

I find consultants specifically placement consultants to be one of the most highlighted sectors meant to imbibe soft skills deep into their working self and soul. I’ll tell you why. This is one sector and any sector of its kind which has to do a lot of handling with people ranging from clients to job seekers to some falling into neither of the categories. It’s human they are handling each time followed by reviews mostly baked with a medley of frustration and satisfaction from clients and candidates alike. A satisfying display of reasons will clear out the cloud:

Client Facing Role– You cannot think of placement consultants with a deduction to clients. It’s like blood in the veins. That was quite a comparison, anyways; a placement consultant along with its progressive years will have to and continue to face interaction with clients where the soft skills would be the first thing in the count and the last thing to skip. It depends hugely on how the consultants or the recruiters are into conversation with the clients maintaining a soothing balance between modesty and professionalism. Here the tact to talk, negotiate, replying to feedback everything is the core point of the rising in the business. Your soft skills would draw a sense of trust, reliability, and assurance from your client directing to a lasting relationship.

Handling Candidates- This is again no piece of cake. How you get along with someone who comes to you or rings you up asking for a job or a job change? Of course, you can’t be rude to them or ignore them completely. They are ones to be straight enough who actually runs your business indirectly. Handling them with care, assurance, and an ability to build trust and later on placing your own trust on them that they would flare well before your clients who need them. This is how it got to work and your interpersonal skills or soft skills are the pre-requisite for getting your deal closed. Placement Consultants in Mumbai is the ones practicing these skills and serving satisfying clients for years.


Future Prospect & Development- Placement Agencies need to keep this in mind that fluctuation is unavoidable in business. But turning the success graph into a high up reaching arrow is possible. If you have closed your deals, your clients will for sure come back to you and your services because you spoke sweetly. This helps in estimating a positive picture of future prospect and business development. Being into the recruitment agency business, you got to be and are expected to be socially positive and welcoming in terms of business and soft skills helps you in the long run. You would find these qualities in Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai which is the one solution for any recruitment need.

T&A Solutions have been practicing and mastering these skills for years and are pioneering in the field of recruitment developing both satisfying clients and candidates.



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Sweety LahkarPlacement Consultants and Soft skills: How and Why Important?
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Changing Dynamics of Talent Acquisition

We are well versed with the importance of talent i.e. human resource, one of the most valuable assets in an organization. It is the acquiring and retaining of the correct hoard of talent that leads to smooth working of the activities in an organization followed by success. The right set of talent is largely responsible for proper functioning of chores in an organization.

Revising again, “Talent Acquisition” is the process of finding and acquiring skilled human labor for organizational needs and to meet any labor requirement in the organization as and when required. Talent is the primeval asset that enables the success of any organization.

Organizations have always placed notable value to hire top performers. If you were conscious enough, you might have come across the noticeable change in the grounds of talent acquisition. LinkedIn, the professional hub has reported that 83% of recruiters say that talent is their top most priority and good whole of them prepare to hire more talent into their organization.

Talent acquisition have changed over the period of time and have pinched the very pulse of recruitment where now companies are no longer taking it as a mere HR activity but is placing soul care and details in hiring that bunch of talent who would help the organization to grow.


The Dynamics:

Talent acquisition is now backed up with full proof strategy into attracting the right kind of talent, particularly for organization that is length short for the skilled and desired employees to take lead. Here are a few points that would give you a picture where exactly the recruiting spirit is talking its twist and turn. Have a look:

  1. Competing for the Right Talent: having the right talent in the house at competitive price is taking the job market by storm. It is something that is trending now. Companies approach for the right candidates and are already seen negotiating to have them in. No doubt why we see the job sites and social media sites for professionals swarming. Placement consultancies are something that comes in to the surface with the topic of talent acquisition to provide organizations with the best set of candidates.
  2. Innovative Strategy: companies are no longer on the recliner phase and are actively devising strategy to attract the right talent in to their bag of goodies. The entire process of sourcing, selection and on boarding employees has become a favorite route to recruitment recently. Smart techniques like open ended job postings, video interviews, social media, writing tests (for jobs involving scripts and writing stuff); to ensure if the candidate really want the job.
  3. Positive/ encouraging employee feedback: If you are the one that owns a company or the one working into, give a thought to how people rate your organization, if you haven’t thought of it already. It’s kind of interesting and important. Responsible companies take care of it (till it’s done in a clean way). Time has matured and so have candidates. Prior to applying for a job, candidates do take care to know about what others has to say about their would be company. Reviews do the trick!
  4. Social Networking: the land of “know how” or “how to” is one big leap into recruiting these days. One can’t deny the fact of its addiction but in a fair way largely now. Recruiters are churning their presence and are advertising their hot vacancies and so is candidates seen endorsing in their part to have that dream job. With the advent of sites such as LinkedIn and such, job hunt or headhunting isn’t that hard anymore.
  5. Outsourcing: If you have ever actively participated in the recruitment process or have at least enjoyed the privilege of talking interviews for hours at a stretch you would understand why outsourcing have become so important today . Outsourcing saves you time and toil and as a bonus gives that right candidate you have been looking for. If you still worried about that pinch in your pocket, mark my words you are about to lose the game. Take help from a reliable job consultancy.


Talent acquisition and retention have become the most talked about topic of Human Resource basics today. Acquiring not only the best but the right candidates is what I believe is more demanding today to have that desired success in the organization which again is helpful in retaining employees. Placement agencies are making their move here. Reliable and prompt job consultancies would be the gate way to the right candidates who will stay.




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Sweety LahkarChanging Dynamics of Talent Acquisition
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How to Hire More Productive Employees?

Humans are the most important asset and of course the most unpredictable ones in an organization. Therefore, for the smooth running and implementing the business plans and methods that gets curved out into an employers’ mind, one need to hire productive employees to visualize that dream which every business started with. Here in this article you’d read certain steps that you can follow up for a hassle free hiring of a productive employee.

However just the way productive employees are important for the proper functioning of the organization so is retaining them. Prior to that make sure you know exactly why employees leave?

Hiring of Productive Employees:

  • Identifying the Role: This I believe is the first step to hiring of productive employee. If you are into the management or into the HR of an organization, prior to setting yourself into inviting resumes from around the globe, make sure you know and understand the role that you’re hiring for. Or else it is likely that you might end up hiring the wrong person. See what skills, knowledge, the level of experience are required to hold your offered position. Be sure what you expect from the candidate this will help you get the right guy. At this point I would suggest you seeking assistance from a reliable placement consultant which will pace up your search and hand you over the best from the nest.
  • Be Flexible for Tele-interviews: You might be one of those employers who are busy throughout the year and doesn’t give much thought to stuff like tele-interviews. But this thing is worth the try. I’ll tell you why- once you’re done asking or fixing a candidate for telephonic interview, note their availability by which I mean are they able to manage time? This will indicate that if they are willing to manage time and not are just anytime available one, you get a hint that they are dedicated to their current job. This is what exactly you would want! People who are motivated are hard to find rather than the ones who are applying for any jobs available. The later ones not stick around for long.
  • Loosen up your Hands: From an employer point of view, you might not be that satisfied with this point, but keep reading. When thinking of hiring, look for the legitimate reason of a candidate applying for your offered position. If the candidate shows up interest in the profile, your company’s culture, the kind of training to be offered, rather than more interest into salary and perks, then this guy is the right one for you. May be you got your hands on the very best talent but then if you try to ooze out everything from him/her without a desired salary, they won’t stick around. Ask your job consultant to do the initial screening so that you can be left out with the best talent to choose from.
  • Create an Ambience: Atmosphere makes a huge impact in everything. If you are into searching for a productive employee, take care of the ambience of your office. Here I don’t mean you to turn up your office into a luxury yacht, but try cultivating a culture for which your employees feel like working, even while after a telephonic interview, when your candidate walks in for the personal interview, he/she should feel that that working in your organization is a credit in itself. Make sure that this doesn’t turn out to be a show-off for a day but lasts forever.
  • Get the Best in your League: It’s difficult to find dedicated and productive employees. To ease up the battle, get in contact with a good recruitment agency that would provide you with good amount of relevant resumes to choose from. This will ease up your struggle and help you get the best fit.


A manager who is smart and understands the meaning of existence of his organization will certainly hold concern in respect of choosing the most potent employees who can rectify his ideas into soaring graphs. Because it is simple enough your employees are the brawn helping you run the organization smoothly, choose them wisely!



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Sweety LahkarHow to Hire More Productive Employees?
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