Welcome one and all to our T&A Solutions blog. We are pretty much excited about launching this blog. Many of you reading this are among our most valued stakeholders over the years, some are young budding talents that we have served or are looking forward to. Over the years T&A Solutions have being actively dealing with meeting industry recruitment needs and have being successfully bridging the gap between corporate and candidates.

What we expect to accomplish with our new blog is to take the best aspects of T&A Solutions, understanding workplace challenges faced by both employers and employees, human resource, boosting potion for job seekers and bring them into a medley of useful and effectual platter so that everyone looking for similar piece of interest can take note and pleasure.

Posts will be authored by us inspired on varied aspects of workplace, importance of Human Resource, Recruitment and anything amusing enough related of course to work. We hope to use this platform to interact with you, inform you about every known and ignored aspect of corporate culture. Our goal is engage you with various interesting good to know knowledge about balancing your work and life topics.


We welcome your feedback, comments and queries and hope to see a healthy interaction. We hope you would enjoy reading the post as much we will enjoy posting it for you.

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