How to Hire More Productive Employees?

Humans are the most important asset and of course the most unpredictable ones in an organization. Therefore, for the smooth running and implementing the business plans and methods that gets curved out into an employers’ mind, one need to hire productive employees to visualize that dream which every business started with. Here in this article you’d read certain steps that you can follow up for a hassle free hiring of a productive employee.

However just the way productive employees are important for the proper functioning of the organization so is retaining them. Prior to that make sure you know exactly why employees leave?

Hiring of Productive Employees:

  • Identifying the Role: This I believe is the first step to hiring of productive employee. If you are into the management or into the HR of an organization, prior to setting yourself into inviting resumes from around the globe, make sure you know and understand the role that you’re hiring for. Or else it is likely that you might end up hiring the wrong person. See what skills, knowledge, the level of experience are required to hold your offered position. Be sure what you expect from the candidate this will help you get the right guy. At this point I would suggest you seeking assistance from a reliable placement consultant which will pace up your search and hand you over the best from the nest.
  • Be Flexible for Tele-interviews: You might be one of those employers who are busy throughout the year and doesn’t give much thought to stuff like tele-interviews. But this thing is worth the try. I’ll tell you why- once you’re done asking or fixing a candidate for telephonic interview, note their availability by which I mean are they able to manage time? This will indicate that if they are willing to manage time and not are just anytime available one, you get a hint that they are dedicated to their current job. This is what exactly you would want! People who are motivated are hard to find rather than the ones who are applying for any jobs available. The later ones not stick around for long.
  • Loosen up your Hands: From an employer point of view, you might not be that satisfied with this point, but keep reading. When thinking of hiring, look for the legitimate reason of a candidate applying for your offered position. If the candidate shows up interest in the profile, your company’s culture, the kind of training to be offered, rather than more interest into salary and perks, then this guy is the right one for you. May be you got your hands on the very best talent but then if you try to ooze out everything from him/her without a desired salary, they won’t stick around. Ask your job consultant to do the initial screening so that you can be left out with the best talent to choose from.
  • Create an Ambience: Atmosphere makes a huge impact in everything. If you are into searching for a productive employee, take care of the ambience of your office. Here I don’t mean you to turn up your office into a luxury yacht, but try cultivating a culture for which your employees feel like working, even while after a telephonic interview, when your candidate walks in for the personal interview, he/she should feel that that working in your organization is a credit in itself. Make sure that this doesn’t turn out to be a show-off for a day but lasts forever.
  • Get the Best in your League: It’s difficult to find dedicated and productive employees. To ease up the battle, get in contact with a good recruitment agency that would provide you with good amount of relevant resumes to choose from. This will ease up your struggle and help you get the best fit.


A manager who is smart and understands the meaning of existence of his organization will certainly hold concern in respect of choosing the most potent employees who can rectify his ideas into soaring graphs. Because it is simple enough your employees are the brawn helping you run the organization smoothly, choose them wisely!



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Sweety LahkarHow to Hire More Productive Employees?
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